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Circle Car Care is a well-known Tire Balance Repair Shop in Hollywood. If you see a light that looks like a letter “U” with an exclamation point in the middle then there is some problem with your tires. Often it is something simple like a tire that needs air. It could also indicate that the tire isn’t just low on air it may have been punctured. It is also possible that the sensor in the tire has gone bad. Keeping the proper amount of pressure in your tires will help them to last longer. If you think your automobile’s tires might be wearing down, then let us help you buy a new set of tires.

Since 1989, we have been in the automotive business providing Tire Balance Repair Shop in Hollywood. With us, you can enjoy savings compared with the big name tire stores. We understand and appreciate the value of your business. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide you with excellent tire services. Target Auto Repair is a Michelin and Goodyear tire representative. Along with the purchase of new tires, we will give you free tire mounting, balancing and new air stems. The goal is to make sure the weight is even around the axle.

To balance the tires, the technician places tiny offsetting weights at specific points around the wheel. If your tire is not balanced, even a 1/4 ounce difference on a wheel can create enough momentum to cause serious vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel, seat, or floorboards. Unbalanced tires also put uneven pressure on the treads, as tires get too hot and wear unevenly. Tire imbalance can also strain the wheel bearings and suspension system, causing more damage down the road. Every bump and hole you hit affects balance, and so does tire wear. Over time, your tires get out of balance again. That’s why it’s important to take your vehicle to a tire balance repair shop in Hollywood.

Walk-ins are always welcomed, but appointments are preferred. Appointments will be allotted the appropriate time necessary to satisfactorily complete a job before any unscheduled work will begin. There is a reason the South Florida community trusts their vehicles to Circle Car Care; we provide quality service and honest prices.

Tire Balance Repair Shop in Hollywood

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