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When you hear high-pitched screeching sound when you applied your brakes then you may need your brakes repaired. The noise you hear is a small metal shim, called an indicator, or brake sensor which is giving you an audible warning that you need to replace your pads. You should be aware of this sound (which is loud enough to be heard while the windows are up, but not necessarily loud enough to be heard over the radio or air conditioner).

If you hear it regularly, quickly make an appointment with your mechanic at Circle Car Care for your Brake Repairs in Hollywood. We have been a trusted leader in the business since 1989. If your brakes are not as responsive as they should be or if the pedal "sinks" toward the floor, this could be an indication of a leak in the braking system. It could be a vacuum leak (in the brake booster) or a brake fluid leak.

Circle Car Care is your one-stop shop for Brake Repairs in Hollywood. As long as brake rotor is not too damaged or warped, many times we can turn it on our lathe and make it run like new. Many shops will try to sell you rotors whether you need them or not. This is why people will make the drive out here to save money on their next repair. We would rather have a happy customer that will return and give us good referrals instead of charging high fees and then we'd never see the person again. Providing great reparis at affordable prices is how we have managed to stay in business for so long.

Walk-ins are always welcomed, but appointments are preferred. Appointments will be allotted the appropriate time necessary to satisfactorily complete a job before any unscheduled work will begin. There is a reason the South Florida community trusts their vehicles to Circle Car Care, we provide quality service and honest prices.

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