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Our happy, fully satisfied clients regard our wide range of automotive services for Broward located vehicle owners, as the type that always outpace those offered by the competition. Our prices are affordable. Those who use our services refer to them as being most cost-effective. We facilitate our clients in every possible way and we extend all professional courtesies. There is absolutely no doubt, that our standards are among the highest in the automotive service industry. Our mechanics, here at Circle Car Care, will proficiently repair and service your vehicle, regardless of its make or model.

We, Circle Car Care, service and repair all models and makes of cars, trucks, vans, RVs, motorcycles. We, Circle Car Care are more than an average mechanic shop. We serve as a special, reliable, well-stocked one-stop-shop, here in the heart of Hollywood. We are strategically located for your convenience. Wherever you are, it is easy to drive to our shop. We will take you back to your home or office, when you leave your car with us, if you are going within 5 miles of our shop. We fully assure you, that every one of our automotive services near Broward, are performed with utmost care, utilizing modern up to date diagnostic equipment.

We will present to you, a detailed work plan, in writing, before we perform major work on your vehicle. Let us maintain your vehicle in a programed manner. We have options and deals for you. We aim to make all automotive services cost-effective for you, every time. Let us professionally guide you and fully protect the integrity of your vehicle, whether it is new or used. Our A-Teams assure you, as a vehicle owner, of reliable and affordable automotive services near Broward. We save you money and prevent serious issues in the future.

Walk-ins are always appreciated, but appointments are preferred. Appointments will be allotted the appropriate time necessary to satisfactorily complete a job, before any unscheduled work will begin. There is a reason why South Florida vehicle owners entrust their vehicles to Circle Car Care. It is because we provide high-quality service and honest prices.

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